Conditions of Hire

1. These terms and conditions apply whether a contract has been made verbally or in writing.
2. Quotations are given on the basis of the most direct route and on the information provided by you. The route used will be at our discretion unless you have requested a particular route which will be specified in or quotation. All quotations are given subject to us having a suitable vehicle at the time you accept the quotation. Quotations are valid for 28 days unless otherwise notified. All prices quoted exclude parking plus any Airport charges.
3. The Company shall not be responsible for failure to perform this contract by reason of accident, fire, tempest, strikes or any cause outside its control, though every effort will be made to maintain service confirmed. There can be no guarantee that the vehicle will perform the journey in any given time and the Company shall not be accountable for any loss, inconvenience or damage which may arise from any delay, traffic congestion, road accident or breakdown. The maximum liability for the company does not exceed the value of the hire.
4. The hirer/s shall be responsible to the Company for any damage to the vehicle, its fittings or equipment through negligence, misconduct or any fault of the hirer/s or any passenger carried thereon.
5. Whilst every precaution is taken, the company will not, in any case, be responsible for the loss or damage of or to any article placed or carried on their vehicles.
6. The hirer/s undertake/s to be responsible for the orderly and satisfactory behaviour of the members of the party and their conduct shall not be such as to cause annoyance to the public.
7. Under no circumstances may alcoholic drinks be carried or consumed on a vehicle without our permission. It is also illegal to carry or consume alcoholic drinks on a coach proceeding to or from designated sporting events and permission cannot be given in this case. Other than on a vehicle fitted expressly for the purpose, food and drink, except for small items of confectionery (such as sweets and chocolate) may not be consumed on the vehicle without our prior agreement or with the permission of the company.
8. The acceptance of this order is made subject to the vehicle of the type or size to be hired hereunder being available at the date upon which this is received by the Company.
9. Should the hirer/s on the day of trip wish to extend or vary the route as specified on this form, such instructions must be written out and signed by hirer/s and given to the driver in which case an extra charge will be made according to the additional mileage covered and time, such charge to be computed in accordance with the Company’s tariff ruling on the date of trip. The hire/s cannot assume use of the vehicle between outward journey and return journeys, nor to remain at the destination for the hirer/s use unless agreed with the Company in advance.
10. The driver is responsible for the safety of the vehicle. Any passenger whose conduct is in breach of statutory regulations or is abusive to any person may be removed on the driver’s authority. You will be held responsible for the conduct of passengers and for any damage caused to the vehicle by passengers during the hire. We will not accept liability for damage, injury or loss to any passenger entering or leaving the coach whilst in motion. Notification of any personal injury must be made within 3 days of incident.
11. DRIVERS HOURS. By Act of Parliament all drivers are required to have 4.5 hours rest in any 12 hours duty or 10hours in 24. He/she must not be permitted to drive for more than 4.5 hours continuous. All hiring arrangements are entered into by the Company on the basis of the coach or coaches not being required for a longer period, special arrangements will be made if possible provided notice is given when booking. Drivers rest must be adhered to at all times.
12. The vehicle is constructed to carry the number of passengers shown. The hirer/s shall not permit the vehicle to carry more than the permitted number for which it was designed and if the insurance policy of the Company in respect of the vehicle is violated by reason of the vehicle having been overloaded, the hirer/s will indemnify the Company against any loss arising there from. The company reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than specified at no additional charge unless any extra seats are used in which case an additional pro rate charge will be made to the hirer/s. No luggage or goods may be carried inside the vehicle and all gangways and exists must be kept clear at all times.
13. In the event of the Company being unable for reasons beyond its control to provide a suitable vehicle for the performance of this contract the Company shall have the right to obtain the due performance of its obligations hereunder by a third party, and performance by such third party shall be deemed to be a good discharge by the Company of its obligations hereunder.
14. Price quoted may be increased if there are any unforeseen rises in running, or fuel costs.
15. The balance for all hires is due not less than 14 working days prior to the departure date. Any hires received within 14 days of the departure date must be paid for in full at the time of booking. We accept payment by bank transfer, cash and debit card. Payment by cheque must be received by us with not less than 21 working days before the date of the departure to allow time for the payment to clear. We reserve the right to add interest at the rate of 2.5% per annum above the base rate after the date by which payment should have been made.
16. It is not compulsory to take out travel insurance although we highly recommend that you do. Please note that it is your responsibility alone to ensure that you are insured adequately.


  • 10 days or more 25% of hire
  • 6-9 days 50% of hire
  • 3-5 days 75% of hire
  • 1-2 days 100% of hire
18. Cancellation due to inclement weather conditions will be charged as above.

Issued by:
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